What does having a girlfriend mean to my LBP Life?

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Yes, The (Semi)Legendary Phazerz123 has a Girlfriend. (allow me a moment to brag about her)

She is, BY FAR, the most awesome person on this earth. Alyssa (which is all I can release at the moment) is 13 (so that gives you a hint as too how old I am DON'T TELL!!!!) And well, she's all that I think about.

Lovey type comments aside, I want you all to know that this might just have an effect on my LBP life. From how long I'm on, to what my levels look like.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Oh please. We all have Girlfriends."

Well mine is awesome, so your argument is invalid.

Any question.
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  1. Silverleon's Avatar
    M8, self proclaiming yourself "Legendary" or "Semi" legedasy is definately not the way to go and just proves you really aren't. xD
    (Not to mention you don't have anything toshow for it. )

    Also the "My grilfriend's awesome, yuor argument is invalid" thing...really?
    Heh yeah, as if I hadn't heard "My girlfriend's the best one" before.

    Eh yet again, you are around 13, I guess I can see how you can think like that on both accounts (Thinking you're semi legendasy and yours is the only awesome girlfriend).

    Well, anywho, I just wanted to say that, so I'll be leaving now!

    (Ps: Try not to take the comment too seriously, reflect upon it if you can/ want, but don't worry too much about it. )
  2. BloodShot9001's Avatar
    Nicely put Silverleon.
    Honestly Phazerz, you don't see ME bragging about my awesome girlfriend, being the perfect one. Besides, no one is really "perfect," just "perfect FOR you." And besides, my girlfriend didn't affect my LBP life in any way and she's a gamer who plays it too, so yeah. It won't really affect it at all, unless she's a ***** that tells you what to do and stuff. But I digress.
    (That wasn't saying she IS a ***** if she tells you to do stuff, just, I see girls that just tell you what to do are *****es)
  3. craigmond's Avatar
    LOL i dont have a girlfriend. Any takers. Just Kidding.
  4. BloodShot9001's Avatar
    Oh, I'd love to craig! -_^ Lol jk jk XD
  5. Phazerz123's Avatar
    lolololol. Sorry, I know I'm being a total idiot. I'm just a tad Delerious from love. Please pretend the next few posts of mine never existed.
  6. Morgana25's Avatar
    Take it easy on him guys. He's in love. People do zany stuff when that happens.
  7. BloodShot9001's Avatar
    You can say THAT again Morgana... =^.^=
  8. Phazerz123's Avatar
  9. Sprinter's Avatar
    I would get a gf in real life it's much better cuz u no who they really are and they are not shown with a bunch pixels
  10. Phazerz123's Avatar
    "Yea don't get a girlfriend that you haven't met before. (or only one time, in my case)" I Said, oblivious to the fact that nobody will ever, EVER read this comment. :P