Anyone remember the beta level Forgotten tower of White dimension?

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Yeah the white tower level was mine in case some people did not know.
it was 2nd on cool pages for 2 days and was on cool pages in general for a week.
it had like 1000 plays i think and around 500 likes and 100 dislikes. and 100 hearts.
been a while so I'm not 100% sure if some of the numbers i said right there
was little wrong or not. Well that was the most popular level i ever made,
i made it in 3 days when i was bored while i was playing with Stephanie.
then after that i copied over to my moon and put the last bits and bobs on
then i put it up for play, (Stephanie put the song in the level)
I was surprised to see a simple level like that do as well as it did,
because I'm so picky that was the first level in a year i got done and made.
a lot of people don't even think i make levels, i can't blame them.
honestly I'm not to bad at it, but i hardly ever have the mojo in me
to get a level done even though I'm fast at it when i am in the rare mood to create.
i'm hard at work trying to write the story for my up coming level series,
I know i know, i been saying that for ages right? yeah well like i said i have low
mojo and don't create much even tho i try to.

Anyways... i been planing to remake my tower level just for fun and make it much bigger
n stuff. what you guys think? *mew


  1. Doooomguy's Avatar
    I never played that level because I wasnt in beta, but you made something that got in the cool pages! It must be cool, so remake it!
  2. Stephanie_Ravens's Avatar
    i believe i still have the level saved
  3. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie_Ravens
    i believe i still have the level saved
    Haha i know you do. also this blog is sooOO old. :P

    the new version has been put on hold until i complete another project i've been working on is done. also the new level Err levels will be called the Nowhere series.
    Updated 05-20-2012 at 09:46 PM by Lord-Dreamerz