The Gray.Inc Development Blog! Post 1: Level Reveal and Getting Started!

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Yhe Gray. Inc. Development Blog!

Welcome to the first post in the Gray Inc. Development Blog, where I will be posting Almost daily pictures, videos, walkthroughs, tutorials and all that stuff, while Im creating my level, which I will be overveiwing as I go along.

First of all, let me introduce you to my new Project, and the level Im going to be developing and posting here about.

Introducing: Rob0tics

Rob0tics is a lighthearted adventure filled with Robots, platforming, puzzles, and game mechanics, but currently without a story.
Yesterday I started to work on the main Character's functions, Logic, and Astetics.
It dawned on me that I would need a nice looking character, so I came up with a rough design:

I know, not much of a character, Im still working on him as of now. I really wanted to go for the "Box Robot Head" Look, as I thought It captured the "LBP" feel.

I had to design the costume three times because of stickering, mostly the glove, but what I found out, was that you can design the costume on a sackbot much easier than on your sackperson! Its easier because when customizing a sackbot, you can turn it upside down and sticker his feet, or horisontally and use R1/L1 to get a closer, easier-to-sticker angle of his left/right hand.

I also started a bit of the logic for the level. This will include:
A Dash attack ( Can be done in air)
A Spin attack (While in air)
A Double Jump (Rocket jump, hurts enemies below)
A Chest Cannon (Shoots a massive beam from chest, massive recharge time, massive damage)
"Health Bar" (Self explanatory)
"Battery Indicator" (BAtteries are what is needed for the character to do his special attacks, sort of like MP, if you will)

RIght now, I only have the basic controlls, and the movement of the head/Left Arm with the right stick, as shown here:

And here:

Incase you are wondering, the second DCS is used for prohibiting the use of certain sackbot abilities (Such as jump, Grab, ETC.) While the player is controling a sackbot.

This system can also be used to assign an alternate control scheme. For example, R1 could be Jump, X could be Grab. This effect can be acheieved by attaching another control seat, set to "Override Sackbot" to yes, and the frequency set to another channel, other than the channel your original, "Main Control" DCS is using.
If you test the sackbot controls out, it does not do anything, even if you are trying to move. To fix this, wire the output of Left/Right movement of the Left stick from the 'Master Control" DCS, and wire it into the input of the Left/Right movement of the Left stick on the second DCS. For jumping, Grabbing, ETC, just wire the button you want to use to acheieve the action from the First DCS, to the button you would normally use to commit that action on the second DCS.
For example:
First DCS:
I want X to be Grab, so we wire the output of the X button on the first DCS to the R1 button of the Second DCS! Its as simple as that!

Anyway, thats all I have done today, ill be back again some time tommorow with a new post, and maybe even a few new pictures!

Thanks all! -Grayspence

-Created Rough Concept of Main Character.
-Created First bit of Control Logic
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  1. grayspence's Avatar
    Crap! Just noticed "The" is "Yhe"! Dangit!

    Please excuse the ginormous spelling error! Dx
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    great blog , cant waait for the level !