I like videogames!!!

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I love videogames.
I have been playing videogames for a lifetime.

Owned my Commodore 64 at the age of 5 but I was already used to play an Atari and a Colecovision at a friend's place.
Switched to an Amiga 500 and with a friend we bought a Sega Genesis/Megadrive that we swapped weekly.
We did the same with PS1 and Sega Saturn (then I purchased another PS to have it only for me)
Then a PS2, a Gamecube and a Dreamcast I won at a ProEvolutionSoccer tournament.
And this last gen my lovely PS3.
I can't even mention the insane amounts of money I put in coin-ops over the years.
I had like 500 discs for Amiga, and I played almost every game out in Europe for the PS1, since my best friend worked at the rental store.

I've seen/played thousands of games, awesome ones, good ones, lame ones.
So much gaming to make anyone sick.
Still I love this industry, I love to see the innovation, the ideas, the concepts.
And this generation really blew me away.
At first I didn't saw a big step from the last gen, except for graphics, but then it started to kick its stride and deliver some games that are really unbelievable.
And it's not over yet, the upcoming months seems to be an avalanche of impressive stuff that seems to push the boundaries even further.
And I'm sure more exciting stuff has yet to be revealed.


  1. BloodShot9001's Avatar
    Haha, finally someone that I can relate to! =D I admit my collection is a bit more vast than yours but your's is very good and I enjoyed this post a lot more than I thought I would. =P Disregarding the Commodore (MAYBE) and the Amiga, we (my family) got all of your stuff plus the NES, SNES, N64, Wii, X-Box, X-box 360, and that doesn't include hand helds. Everyone always tells me how stupid it is I have so many and blah blah, but whatever. BTW if you're interested I know a good many games that I could suggest to you for current gen. =P That's if you're interested of course. XD
  2. rialrees's Avatar
    I'm a casual gamer at best, but I think it's this gen of gaming that's really got me hooked. LBP aside, I love how much mroe imaginative even the most common of genres are becoming. Back on the Megadrive, there were platformers and racers that I loved to play, but I don't think they ever really pushed the boat out, though I do still have nostalgic feelings for some, even some not-so-awesome games!

    I agree, in that I'm so excited to see what's still on its way!
  3. SenneChuChi's Avatar
    DU mein scheff mus ein grosses zimmer haben lol alle spielconsolen zu besitzen ist echt cool du hast neider.
  4. Masseyf's Avatar
    I've owned everything mentioned in this blog and all mentioned in the comments (except the dreamcast), and a few more on top of those, an amiga cd, amstrad cpc464 and a neo geo.

    Well when I say I owned, the crazy early stuff like the amstrad and CBS were my parents, my own first I think was the nes, c64 was shared with my bro... So many awesome games and memories. Altho sounds like u played a hell of lot more titles! Tbh despite continuing to buy every console I rarely play them at all (LBP being a major exception, pretty sure it's gonna kill my ps3 lol), which reminds me I really really need to update my 360 to see if it breaks on that update that kills certain early models, I usually buy on day of launch so I could be in for a free slim replacement =)