That ****ing ***hole!!!

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That stupid guy I told you that made that other Deadpool Corps is just freaking ticking me off!! I check up on them to do my best so they can't get support, but most of the time, it's just random people and I can't just go to each individual. And now the level description is lying, saying that it's the "original" Deadpool Corps. I know I ranted about this last time, but THERE IS PROOF that mine came first, via I mean, GOD!! I would have reported it, but the stupid report funcion SUCKS!! I can't just send them a message saying what happened, can take a pic and put a tag on it... that's BULL ****!!! If anyone knows how to deal with something like this, let me know...... I'd love to get rid of this ******... also, if there are any clans out there that would be willing to help or form an alliance, say something and I'll get to you. I could use some allies. At this point, I might challenge them to a clan battle. AND of course I'll need unbiased witnesses. But yeah, this is just retarded. If MM could do something, it would be nice. BUT alas, they probably don't like getting involved in clan issues, EVEN THOUGH THIS DESERVES SOME ASSISSTANCE!!! -sigh- Whatever......... venting about it feels good, even if only a few people will care or sympathize.


  1. Tecnoguy1's Avatar
    I know how you feel man.

    I'm being harassed.

    Not. Fun.
  2. killerbrainbow's Avatar
    i' fell sorry for you man hope this guy stops