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Skin Making in LBP2

tutorial 1: skin/ matching skin

The best thing to know while making a costume is to know how to make your skin perfect and have all added facial stuff match, i.e. adding lips, makeup, etc. unmatched skin tones can break a costume and make it look bad, so in this tutorial i will teach you the basics in making skins for your sackperson. The do's and don't on matching skins, which backgrounds to use when taking pic of your skin, how to make it so you don't get those unsightly black lines across your sackperson's face.

tip: this tutorial is done in create mode, it is best to be on your own moon while creating costumes skin because you will not be able to change the background if you aren't. (unless you have hearted the needed background, and due to a glitch you are able to change the back ground)

Ok its obvious that you must enter create mode before you start creating so go ahead and go to a empty level (this is best because you will be doing a lot of rewinding as needed and with give you more freedom to create elaborate costumes without worrying about an already full thermo)

Step 1: The best way to start I find is to get a block of cardboard out and put it in the level (this will be you basis for creating your skin so make it fairly large and rectangle shaped ). You can use other types of materials, but i find that cardboard works the best.(or I have found that blue wood works really well too, but u need to have the material to use it because it is from lbp1)

Step 2: Next thing you have to do is go into your sticker poppet and find a good sticker that would be the shade of skin you would like (i generally use the musclemans arm from the verabee's pack because the tone of it looks good as a sticker but you can use others. note: I will add a list of good skin stickers from packs and storymodes (lbp1 and lbp2) You then make this as big as you can and place onto the cardboard wall. (on some stickers you will have to sticker the cardboard as far up as you can go)

Step 3: This is the fun part when you add extra stuff such as lips, costume bits, shirts, tattoos, eyemakup, etc. note: it is important to add everything your going to use that involves skin onto the block of cardboard. Especially for the when you take pics. (because when you get around to taking the pics you'll want to take all of them at the same time, so all the shades of skin are the same).

Step 4: Because of the lighting issues in lbp2, the regular create mode background is not good for taking skin pics (only way around this is to use neon for skin, but this is the not really that easy to use and the skin doesn't look as good and is harder to get different skin tones, and generally is to dark). So to compensate for this you have to change the background to one that will give you good lighting. The best for this is the garden's theme from lbp1, but if you don't have lbp1 backgrounds, di vinci is pretty good. The best thing to do is to look through the backgrounds and find the one you like the best for the type of costume you are making. note: you can also play around with lighting settings too, this is best if you want a different skin tone, I.e. blue, green, red, pink, etc.

Step 5: The next part is important to get the shade right when taking the picture of your skin… heres what you do: 1.) hit start button 2.) put the front view and game view on and then exit out of the start menu. (put it on preview because it will hide all the extra bits not wanted to be seen, i.e. hologram that suppose to be invisible, logic)

Step 6: This is when you take the pics of your skin and whatever else you want to have skin on. Heres what you do: zoom out till you get everything you want in view and then while in that view take all your pics, while zoomed out to the same point. note: do not change perspective or zoom as your taking the pics because that will change the skin tone!!!! and make sure to take all the photos you need for the costume in one go.

Step 7: after taking all the pics, go in to start again and deactivate the game view and front view.

Step 8: I usually at this point also change the background back to normal so i can see what i actually have for skin colour (but u don't have too)

Step 9: this is the point where you test your skins out to make sure that they work, if they aren't perfect and what you want just redo step 4-8

Step 10: this is how you get perfectly matched skins

Next point in this tutorial is how not to get lines on your sackperson's face…..

Tip 1: when taking pic of facial stuff, make sure you take the pic big enough so when you put it on your sackpersons face the edges don't show

Tip 2: don't be afraid to delete all the pics you just took for the skin bits and start over, i do this a lot because i'm not satisfied the first time around.

Tip 3: Don't be intimidated by the steps, it may look complicated but its very easy.

Tip 4: If the skins don't line up, i.e. lines on face where you don't want them, try repositioning the stickers a bit.

Tip 5: mind your mouth- theres a limit on how many stickers you can put on your sack person, 10 on the body, so when you taking skin pics, remember that you will also have to colour the inside of your mouth and tongue. so you really only have 8 stickers to put on the sackperson's body.

There are many ways around the lines, its pretty much how you place the stickers on the face over your main skin sticker, every sticker is different on how it behaves when placed, but the biggest tip i can give you is either when taking the pic, take the whole face but make the face smaller and skin part larger, so when you place sticker the sticker consumes the whole face not just main features.

*note: Will add vids and pics at a later date*