Son of a Bad Idea™

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It is said that for every good idea there are ten bad ideas that are not only implemented, but tested and sold by smiling people who will tell you why this bad idea is really a good idea.

Instead let us just start off with the fact that this is a very Bad Idea™. So bad, I haven't even tested it for the fear that it will work.

That's how much I really don't like it.

Unfortunately, I tend to be a masochist in this area (testing out bad ideas) and, sadly, the good ideas, well, just aren't up to snuff.

Remember that Toggle Latch I told you About?

Well, I think I came up with a way to get rid of one of the wobble bolts. And one of the keys.

Which makes it very small and very compact.

Just wretched, isn't it?

Here was my line of thinking:

That toggle is just too darn complex!

Okay, not so much a line of thought as a single line. Period. Or in this case exclamation mark.

What it Looks Like and How it Works

Assume we have the following:

The box labeled "one shot" turns a level into a pulse (we will discuss the one shot in a future episode - but for now just assume it outputs a pulse - like someone turned the switch on and off REALLY really fast).

This turns the lower wobble bolt clockwise. That activates the upper wobble bolt which turns clockwise. By this point the bottom wobble bolt will be back towards the middle but the sensor is tilted towards the NE... make sense?

Now, to toggle it again, you just flip that sensor out of range and everything (maybe) goes back to the original.

Why haven't you Tested It?

Because if it works, I might start to like it - even though it is a horrid idea.

Reasons why it is horrid:

  1. Depends on inertia and timing of the top toggle bolt to set
  2. Depends on inertia of the top toggle to reset
  3. May break on the next patch
  4. "I have a bad feeling about this..." no, wait, that's "Star Wars"... but I have a bad feeling about this...

Any Other Reasons?

It's like a drug. The more I look at it the greater the appeal... I want to build this. I HAVE to build this.

Or someone could build it and take all the credit.

So If it is a Bad Idea™ Why tell US?!?!

HA! You are my loyal minions! You must obey! Braaaaaaains...

Actually, because I just want to show folks how much fun logic can be. Even stuff we "know how to do" can be re-invented.

At one time someone said, and I am serious, "all inventions have been thought; it is the end of science" -- or something along the lines.

There is no single way of doing things - there are tradeoffs. There are cheats (stack glass cubes in front of each other and you will see one of LBP greatest cheats) - but if they don't affect the overall QUALITY of the product (in this case our products are levels), who cares?

Sometimes ideas spring forth from the head like gods from the head of Zeus. And sometimes like a rabid dog, they have to be put down (ideas, not gods).

And if you don't get the whole Zeus thing, you may want to bone up on it - it will be on the pop quiz.


Yes, I managed to get "Son of a Bad Idea™" to work. From now on I'm calling it son-of-a-***** because it was not an easy thing to build.

My eyes hurt and my head hurts. Next lesson we will talk about something more interesting.

Oh, if you want to see this little horror, search @feloneouscat and play the level "Logic Blog". This is where we are going to have all the fun things in this series... Wheeeee!!!!

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  1. dawesbr's Avatar
    So you're doing it 2 wobble bolts?

    Why not do this:

    One-shot switch (by which I mean just have the output as 1 shot)

    This triggers a wobble circle to go once.

    As it leaves the area of detection for a switch on the other circle, that circle then activates its wobble bolt at 1/2 the speed.

    The first circle return to normal, but the top would only have moved 1/2 a turn. Each time you press the switch, it'll only move 1/2 of a turn - ie, toggle switch.

  2. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Build it and let me see...

    Aren't you still using two wobble bolts?
  3. Fjonan's Avatar
    I like the idea a lot. The sensor angles can be used in so many freaking ways. Incredible.
  4. feloneouscat's Avatar
    I haven't convinced you it's a bad idea?

    Hmmm.... maybe it's a GOOD idea in disguise?
  5. dawesbr's Avatar
    Yeah 2 wobble bolts but without the "one shot" relay thingy.
  6. dawesbr's Avatar
    Yeah 2 wobble bolts but without the "one shot" relay thingy.
  7. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Have to have the one-shot to keep things normalized to directional.

    Feel free to optimize to your hearts content, but for this series we will have all EXTERNAL signals directional. Otherwise things will turn into an unholy mess.

    And you don't want that on your conscience, do you?
  8. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Okay, I've got it uploaded. Search @feloneouscat and it is the "Logic Blog"... I have a five stage ripple counter that ... well.. . ripples.... Kinda cool...
  9. rtm223's Avatar
    As I posted in the main thread linking to these blogs, I have a nice easy to implement version of this, achieved by uping the one-shot timing to 0.2s

    Also, I don't get why this relies on inertia? With the bolts set to strength 10 and moving wheels 180 degrees, I found it perfectly reliable, with no noticable drift on any of the wheels. I'm willing to bet you could put huge heavy stone wheels on it without inertia coming into play if you bolt it to dark matter.
  10. feloneouscat's Avatar
    It doesn't... That was my initial impression when thinking about it. When I actually managed to get it built, I realized that inertia wasn't an issue. BUT I always fear what may happen in future updates... FWIW, I haven't had reliability issues, just build issues.
  11. Morgana25's Avatar
    Even if I don't understand WHY you'd want something like that I am in awe of it and your particularly fun sense of humor

    I'm going to get this whole logic thing some day, then I'll have to give some major props to the guys like you feloneouscat! Thanks!
  12. Raiden's Avatar
    im gonna go try after i read all your other tutorials

    and what is that glitch you mentioned with stacking glass cubes lol
  13. feloneouscat's Avatar
    If you put a red glass cube behind a blue glass cube, then if you look through the blue cube you will NOT see the red one. VERY annoying.