Exams nearly over!!!

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Awesome just one more exam!!! I failed 4 of my mid-terms (ie. all the important ones) so these exams are pretty important. By the way this is probably the most boring blog I've ever written but I like obsessing about exams afterwards so...

Had Personal & Population Health first, last Wednesday. That went ok, didn't really study it much but I think I got by well enough. And there was a project during the semester that went well... we did it on suicide (VERY depressing) and gave it a bit of a twist by focusing on Suicide in Physicians and Medical Students. The subject is about Psychology and stuff which is pretty interesting. Had to compare and contrast Freud (ie. Psychodynamics) with Behaviorist theories (which is to do with conditioning... which is pretty ****ed up TBH, kinda like brain-washing).

[nomedia=""]YouTube - John Watson - Pequeno Albert (legendado)[/nomedia]

Other question was about Inequalities in Health which is basically how lifestyle choices and options change based on a person's socioeconomic status. Also interesting enough though kind of common sense.

Then had Renal Biology on Friday. Ridiculous exam. Had to do 6 essay questions in an hour. It makes no logical sense and I really don't buy that it's teaching us to think on our feet (they didn't give that as the reason, in fact they didn't give any reason). That is something we will learn during clinical practice. It went ok, could have gone a lot better. I failed that mid-term pretty badly so hopefully I did enough with this one to pass.

Had Cardiac on Saturday. BIG cramming session and was terrified when I went in... was actually muttering "Oh God" to myself when they handed out the papers. And it turned out to be a great paper! I probably studied the least for it and it was one of my best exams. Had to do 3 essays in 2 hours.

One was on the Cardiac Cycle, like how the different chambers in the heart contract in order to pump blood around the body. Ya could kind of work it out if you were even a little familiar with the valves and the order in which the heart is stimulated.

Second was on the conduction pathway (how the signal goes from the pacemaker to the rest of the heart) and how the pacemaker is stimulated to begin with. Also went very well, my longest essay.

Third was on the factors which affect Cardiac Output (ie. volume of blood pumped per unit time). Went well enough, could have structured it a bit better. Still very happy with the exam as a whole.

Had two exams today, for some reason found it really difficult to study yesterday. Started at about 10pm, stopped at 12 and then got up at 5am to study.

First exam was Vascular Biology at 12pm. Toss up between whether this or Renal was my worst exam. Option of 4 questions, had to do 3 in 2 hours. Answered 1 very well (was about blood clotting, had the whole system learned off ), one kind of well (was on compensation pathways when the body loses 1L of blood quickly, I spent too much time on the wrong stuff and only mentioned the stuff I should have been talking about the whole time) and wrote 4 lines for the last one (was about the changes to the blood system after birth). Last question was kind of harsh, there was only one lecture out of 22 on embryology. I need 45% to pass, hopefully I've done enough.

Then had Food Diet & Health (my elective, we get to choose 1 module per semester which can be related/unrelated to the course your doing). Handiest exam ever! Had already almost passed the module from the 2 mid-terms and then in the hour between Vascular and FDH I did some study and all the stuff I studied came up. Was an MCQ with +1/-.25 negative marking so wasn't that hard anyway but I basically had flicked through the lecture notes and all the stuff that stuck in my head came up. Was excellent.

Anyway just one left, Respiratory Biology. Have tomorrow and most of the next day to study for it and I have some work done for it already. Also the lecturers put up a list of 30 questions online and all the exam questions are going to come out of that list! So if I can focus tomorrow, it really should go well!

Anyway that's all for now, you've probably stopped reading by now. But if you haven't, thanks for reading . Once the exams are over I'm going to start blogging my gaming experiences. Don't think I'll be able to find a job this summer so I'll probably be lazing about the house and hanging about with friends for most of it.

Chat tyas later .

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  1. Don Vhalt's Avatar
    i hope you exams turn out ok.

    I've tests coming up soon but there not that important.