I'm tired of getting low level views

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This morning I couldn't sleep. I turned over to my alarm clock: 5 in the morning, so I decided to play some LittlebigPlanet. After playing my moon level I was struck with the kind of drowsy inspiration that only comes from levelmaking at 5:00, drivable cheese. That's right. Haven't you ever wanted to drive cheese? Stop lying, of coarse you have. Well, I spent the next hour making a level where a gleeful sackperson could drive a giant cheese-wheel down a hill, and after several annoying beeping sounds, I truly believed my cheese creation would instantly strike the hearts of hundreds upon thousands of lucky LittleBigPlanet level browsers. Wrong I was, the level accumulated 23 views in about 4 hours.

Now I was happy about this, only because it was much more than the 10 views my previous creation that I slowly and painfully pulled out of my bowels for seven straight hours, Coldplay - Clocks had received, but I was very frustrated because my friend, Avs169 had only recently published a creation creatively titled: Unnamed level which basically consisted of a lump of dark matter sitting in the sky with a giant block of dissolve material and a paintball gun switch, followed by a scoreboard on the exact opposite side of the level, and that already had 36 views.

I don't fully understand how levels are categorized or why my levels views go up for about half an hour after their publishing and then stop, usually permanently, but this just doesn't make any sense to me. This is my 6th level and each only has about 6-10 views. Not to sound egotistical but I believe that I have potential for level making and most of my levels are original and fun. Why do levels that anyone could easily fart out a dozen of in a minute get more views than an original idea by myself?

I am frustrated and tired of spending hours on my levels only to be overtaken by the end trails of the LittleBigPlanet community. Help me lbpcentral. Tell me how to get my levels viewed. Maybe spare a few moments of your time to actually play my levels too. You may find that Driving cheese is as fun as it sounds.


  1. manrayer88's Avatar
    Perhaps I should make a blog entry about how I'm tired of nobody reading my blog entries.
  2. Theap Pleman's Avatar
    Perhaps you should advertise your levels in the level showcase here...
  3. MizzAnaconda's Avatar
    Im new here and your complaining amuses me, not to sound mean!!!! I like it haha, I haven’t made a world yet.. I just cant think of anything to make.. lol will I can its just that its all overwhelming, and what your telling me is im not going to get much views. Or maybe, I will.. donno.. ^^
  4. Morgana25's Avatar
    Best way to get views is to make a Feedback for Feedback thread on the level showcase.