Depressing news of the now

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Does this bother anyone else?
Apparently that weird little show is getting a makeover. And when I mean makeover I mean 'little Dora' is losing the baby fat and the backpack and adding some rather disturbingly 'adult' makeup, a Miniskirt and Platform sandals.

I don't know too much about this show aside from what I learned from Kevin Smith's Q&A about this Latino looking kid who, presumably, smuggles narcotics in her backpack into the US from third world cesspools, but I'm guessing this would be something kids enjoy.
It's got a Monkey called boots in it.
Boots the monkey wears Boots.

But this makeover really disturbs me. Is it just me, or are the powers that be over at nickelodeon really trying to make a children's cartoon show... sexy?


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  1. Coxy224's Avatar
    What show are we talking about here? Because from what I gather it sounds a hell of a lot like Dora the Explorer. Should be interesting to see what happens with her though
  2. Morrinn3's Avatar
    Hah, I forgot to mention the show name.
    Yeah, That's Dora the Explorer.
    My Niece loves this show and I doubt she'll like seeing Dora all grown up'ed.
  3. dawesbr's Avatar
    Wow, I followed the link of that image (it wouldn't load for me). That's one hell of a difference...
  4. Coxy224's Avatar
    lol, she used to be a small tuby girl - not anymore!
    Looks like a complete visual revamp as well though.
    As long as they don't put emphasis on it then it should be fine I guess...
  5. Zwollie's Avatar
    This is quite sad
    In a couple of years, every show will become Hanah Montana.