General Gaming Progress and thoughts on E3!

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I'm about to play Pain for the first time but since I've never played it before I have to sit through 1.5GB of updates first.

So I decided to write a blog about my latest gaming adventures .

I guess the biggest and most relevant news is that I've finally started messing around with the create mode in LBP... what the hell took me so long I know . Only made a few simple things, a simple but perfectly functional Rocket Car and a simple but completely hazardous rocket ship... well... rocket plank would probably be more appropriate. It usually has a great start but starts spinning uncontrollable before invariably pinning and squashing me against the wall!

Anyway I stopped then but next on my list is a trebuchet which I planned to make on day one... funny the way things go isn't it. I may make the "spoon" rocket powered for extra "oomph" .

I also played IceMaiden's Trilogy of levels based on a fairytale called "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson. Now I haven't played tonnes of LBP community levels but the quality of these levels is astounding and I advise everyone to check them out. They are utterly beautiful . Check out her thread here.

Also played a few other levels, 3 by NinjaMcWZ in his False Idols series. I didn't finish 3 as I got frustrated at dying so much... I couldn't get past the bit directly after the bit at the bottom of the machine. There's a switching-layers jump that I just couldn't seem to make. His first one however, while suffering from some framerate issues has a truly excellent boss at the end.

In other gaming news I beat Dead Space twice to get the trophies. It really is an EPIC game. Enjoyable progression of both story an gameplay, excellent sound design and voice acting, great guns and a difficult but rewarding upgrade system. Oh and fantastic huge bosses... though the last one's attacks are a little bit easy to dodge. Still it really is an excellently designed game and I can't wait for the sequel. Just one gold trophy left: Epic Tier 3 Engineer (Beat Impossible Mode). I really am not looking forward to trying to beat it but the Platinum beckons .

I also got the Prince of Persia Platinum, the Elika Trophy wasn't actually that hard as long as you don't go crazy trying to get all the light seeds. The all combos one had to be done systematically which I think is a bit unfair for a trophy. I don't think I'll be buying the expansion though. €10 is a bit too steep.

I've given Oblivion a rest for a while but I'm sure I'll be back to it sometime soon. I've only played the first section of Shivering Isles so I still have that whole world still to explore .

Started playing Bioshock again. Took on my first Big Daddy and got absolutely destroyed! Quite a heart-racing experience, will try again tomorrow. Decided to save all the Little Sisters, we'll see how that works out.

Been played some Wipeout HD as well, offline. One race in like the fourth grid is throwing me for a loop. Just so much faster than the other races in that grid. Keep getting owned even on Novice!

Also Vidzone is out in just over an hour and I really can't wait to check it out. It sounds fantastic. Only in a limited number of European countries at the moment unfortunately but luckily Ireland is one of them . The luck of the... well you know .

In terms of E3 I loved Uncharted 2. God of War III looked a little too similar to the previous games and I'm not sure if I'll like it as much as I hoped. They have upgraded a lot, especially the visuals but I'm not sure if they're making enough changes to keep the series from getting stale.

Really liked the PS3 motion control, the precision seems to cater more to gamers than Natal which will open up the 360 to a more casual audience. No doubt it will be shipping with every console when it comes out, especially the Arcade version... it will make the 360 a cheap HD Wii (in the casual consumer's eyes).

Also really liked the look of GT HD and even more so GT Portable. Couldn't believe how good the graphics were! And 60fps is awesome, really need that for racers these days but I really didn't expect it on the PSP.

One thing I hated was the price of the new PSP Go! An absolute rip-off. It is cheaper to create than the PSP-3000 and yet is selling for $70-80 more. Scandalous!

On the 360, Alan Wake looks excellent and really had me wishing for a 360. Splinter Cell Conviction was also pretty cool though I think I preferred the slower pace of the first 3 games (DA will not be mentioned... em... other than just then ). Time will tell I guess.

Forza 3 also looked good... well put a month into creating a trailer and anything will look good... still though it seems like a quality racer. The guy who announced it (producer I think) is a complete ****** though. I read some interviews and stuff, every one of them has him spouting out cheap digs at Yamauchi. Basically the student becoming the new master and that Yamauchi is past it. Such a ******... there's such a thing as respect.

Other games I'm looking forward to are Pixeljunk Shooter, Demon's Souls (YES!!!), The Last Guardian (heartstrings beware), Borderlands, Edge of Twilight (really cool trailer), Darksiders, Brutal Legend (awesome looking game!), Assassin's Creed 2, Dragon Age: Origins, The Agency (kind of) and Saboteur.

Anyway game's finished downloading so that's all for this one. Will post another... well... when I feel like it I guess . Thanks for reading!

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  1. Coxy224's Avatar
    Wow, that is quite a mammoth blog! Worth the read though as it gave an insight into the gaming industry....well, into the games any way.
  2. Burrich's Avatar
    Thanks for reading man. I never know if these will be interesting or boring... the pretty pictures help at least .
  3. Deliberent's Avatar
    Hey, Burrich. Im really new to the lbpcentral community but its been great so far. Really enjoyed reading your blog. (i always love to know what my fellow gamers are up to). Haha, if you ever need somebody to fool around with on PSN i have several games including LBP and a mic. So feel free to add me if you want. PSN: Deliberent