Creator's Diary: Pirate's Cove Water Park (06/11/09)

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Quick brainstorm list of ideas for this level:

  • Log Flume
  • Belly of the Whale
  • Cannon Shot
  • Pirate Ship Waterpark

I want the Log Flume to start at ground level, with a conveyor belt mechanism to bring it to the top. I'll make it an "under siege" themed ride, with fake cannon shots coming at you, etc.

Belly of the Whale will be a raft ride where you enter a whale's mouth and end up in it's belly, then are shot out it's blowhole. Haven't thought this totally through yet.

Cannon Shot will be a race ride where you're "loaded" into a cannon and then shot onto a track at high speed.

The Pirate Waterpark will basically be a large pirate ship with climbable elements, water cannons, etc. I'd also like to make one of those large buckets that slowly fills with "water" (maybe prize bubbles) and when it gets full, tips over and dumps it's contents into the pool.


  • Photo Booth
  • Souvenir Shop

The Photo Booth will make you a "Greetings from Pirate Cove" postcard for you. It'll have your standard "wooden" cutouts that you put your face through to be a mermaid or poseidon or whatever.

Souvenir Shop will have a sticker that you can use to make a Pirate Cove T-Shirt costume.

My other big idea is to have the ticket booth person tell you that the park closes after sundown, and then the sun goes down and it gets gradually darker over the course of, say, 10 minutes. At the end of the day-to-night cycle, the game announces that the park is closed and all of the rides "turn off" or are you're somehow barricaded from entry to the rides. You'll then have to go back to the park entrance in order to get to the scoreboard.


  1. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    sounds pretty cool. I'm not entirely sure i like the park closing idea though... it kinda takes the fun out of the level if you can only visit the attractions for a limited time =/