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Decided I'm going to start trying to blog more regularly instead of posting occasional "mammoth" blogs . Though this could turn into one anyway... we'll see.

So my life's pretty boring at the moment. Can't find a job so not much cash though my parents are giving me some cash for doing some of the more annoying chores around the house.

I ended up failing one of my modules in college so I have to resit the exam next semester. It would help if it wasn't a really awful exam (6 essays in 1 hour) but that's life I guess. I'd actually like Renal if it wasn't for that stupidly structured exam.

As mentioned in the previous blog I've started messing around in LBP. I haven't started building a level yet but tried making a trebuchet which was a bit out of my league... I couldn't make the weight heavy enough to give it enough propulsion. Still I made a decent catapult and put a few rockets on it for good measure. Was going to ask for help to find out how to make a rod dissolve but worked around it by gluing a tiny piece of dissolve material to the spoon and attaching the rod to that .

I'm currently trying to make a horse with working legs. I'm sure many people have tried this but I'm not sure if anyone had succeeded. Anyway I'll see how it goes... though I can't seem to figure out exactly how the wobble bolt works... must make a simple circle and attach it to something instead of trying to work it out on the actual horse.

Trying to get a friend into LBP. He has a PSP now (no PS3 unfortunately) so I'm trying to convince him to get the PSP version when it comes out. We might be having a LBP create session today, not sure yet.

Checked out Vidzone. I really, REALLY like it! I love music channels so I find this a great service. Videos are quick loading and good quality and the ads are unobtrusive enough I guess... still better than having ad breaks though. The music selection is pretty good though there were some that were listed and had no music, eg. Muse. Also some songs were curiously omitted like "No One Knows" by QOTSA and "Kids" by MGMT. Hopefully these will be added at a later date.

There are definitely some kinks to be worked out. First it takes about a minute for it to start up which is a pain, especially if you click on an ad by accident. Also the text entering method is terrible, the letters scroll far too slowly and in the wrong direction. Also the space is badly placed in the list. Really should just use the PS3 text entering. Bands starting with "The" must be entered as "The ____" instead of just "___". So it's not really a search function which is unacceptable in this day and age.

Still the software has some serious potential and is IMO an excellent addition to the PS3. If only you could stream the music while playing a game... ah well, I can dream .

My Keyboard

In other non-gaming news I'm making a little progress on the piano. Can do the intros of a number of songs but never really stick at any one song. I don't think I can play any song in full... Anyway can play most of "Falling Slowly" now and learned part of "Feeling Good" and the start of Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" and "Signal Fire" by Snow Patrol. Really enjoying it . I'm trying to learn to sing and play at the same time and Falling Slowly isn't too bad as the voice follows the notes but when the voice is off-beat I find it difficult. I'll keep plugging away though.

Also started writing a bit again, I'll post what I've written in another blog, it's only 3 paragraphs which definitely need some rewriting but it's a start at least.

Another thing, I've decided to grow a beard. It's kind of itchy at the minute but the less I scratch it the less itchy it gets . Supposedly you're supposed to not shave at all for 4 weeks before shaving so that you get the beard you really want... I'm kind of aiming for the Robert Downey Jr. look but not sure if the moustache will fill in enough.

Not quite the same shape but something similar . Here's my progress so far... about 5 days in... it's a bit heavier than it looks .

Well that's about it for the moment, time to get back to LBP . I think it turned out pretty long again... oh well. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment .