Wot's all 'dis then? First blog post.

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Not sure who is ever going to read this, but I might as well use what I've got available.

I've been working diligently on the Aperture Science series, which, much to my own dismay, has become a trilogy. It's so cliche to have three parts, and others may think I'm milking the Aperture Science 'brand,' but while working on the final boss, I realized that my thermo can't handle an entire level and the final boss. Alas, part 3 will contain just the few rooms leading up to the final boss, the final boss herself, and the ending.

The final boss for me was very challenging to create because I had the idea of what I wanted to do before I had the means of creating it. It came out about 85% the way I wanted it, but there are things I'm just frustrated with. It makes for what I think to be a unique 'boss,' as you do not fight her directly - anyone who has played Portal will understand this concept. It is pretty much inclusive to one room, but the logic behind it is out of control! I wanted the experience to be cinematic, without the player aware of what is going on behind the scenes, and my thermo took the brunt of this abuse. I have probably 15 permanent switches and about 100 keys for the boss room alone. I will probably be adding more to this as I approach the public release (geeze, I'm nerdy).

Near the end, there is an explosion effect that I borrowed from the "death rail" level - which if you haven't played, you should (it's sorta a crazy train ripoff, but it's designed for multiplayer, and it's crazy good looking). I'm pretty happy with the effect - it works loads better than just the sound.

The main problem I have is where to put the paintinator. I have a checkpoint that pops up from under the floor when you die, similar to MM's collector level, and it won't let me put the paintinator on it for some reason. Right now, it is underhung on a ledge, but it looks cluttery. I can't put it on the floor because you need to be able to drag [things] across the floor, and the paintinator powerup pad causes problems with this. Hmmm

I guess I have nothing else to say... Here's to part 2 going smoothly...


  1. Sunrise_Moon's Avatar
    Can't wait to see them! Part 1 was amazing! I loved the puzzles! Normal Little Big Planet puzzles are boring and cliche, but yours were fun and actually pretty hard to figure out!
  2. RickRock_777's Avatar
    Well apparently some people are reading this blog.

    Yeah, those pesky Paintinators...can't live with them, can't live without them. I would prefer to have the capability to create custom power ups for these, as they could be designed to fit the stage.

    My level Takken started off as a single level. I had no clue what Thermo was, until it bit a very brutal way I might add. So mine will be a trilogy as well...I think...but could possibly extend to 4 levels. I fear this being the case, and I just don't have the time to devote to level creation and get these done in a timely manner. Takken took 120 hours, which did include the learning curve and fixing numerous issues that were no fault of my own...frustrating to say in the least.

    So 2 posts on your blog now. You're well on your way to "Blog Notariety".