1. The Beggining & Tank Tracks

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So Yeah.
I decided to start a Blog. I'm not quite sure why the Idea appeals to me, but hey, all's well that ends well.
This will be an irregular coloumn* that looks at some of the more wacky or difficult things to build in LBP. If you want straight up sensible logic, go check out Felaneouscat's blog, where you'll find everything you need to know in the world of AND, OR & XOR. What this is about is things like walkers, lifts, tank tracks, conveyors, Turret guns, cool effects and all that spice!
*I just put that there because sometimes you'll get one a day, while other times you might wait a week or 2 before the next entry comes

Tank Tracks
I'm starting with the dreaded tank tracks. People seem to despise making these, and with good reason. they are hand down the most annoying simple-looking contraption to get right, and whats more, half the online tutorials you'll find don't work. But i've been craking away at these for a while, and finally found 2 decent ways to get the job done.

Method one - the easy way
works well
easy to buld
look a bit odd
don't convey speed well

Anyway, enough of Pros and Cons, lets get down to the nitty gritty.
You'll be using the small grid during this tutorial, so wack that on now. I'll assume you already know what matierial your tracks wil be made of, but if not, start with brown rusty metal or similar. You can always change it later.
Start with a 2x2 circle. Copy this, and place it to the right, with one grid space in between. then conect the 2 with a rope, and ensure the ropes length is set to 0.6. copy your assembly, place it to the right with a 1 grid space gap, and repeat until you have tracks of the desired length. Next, draw a thin square of Dark matter up in the air, highlight the tracks, and lift them up to just above the DM. Affix a little wheel to the dm with a bolt, and allow the tracks to fall onto it. then you simply connect the two loose ends with a piece of string, shorten it, add more wheels, and matierial change the Dark Matter to metal or whatever. Replace the Bolt(s) with a motor bolt and your set. (you can also srink down the assemply till the circles are just 1 grid square.

Way 2 - The hard but good looking way
Looks good
Doesn't scale well.

This method is rather more simple. yu get you 2x3 links, set them out ready in an alternating pattern between the 2 layers, and then get a pice of glass and cut a hole with t then place it in the hole. Like this:

Hope these guides help you in your quest to create tanks!