I have a blog? Is that a good thing.

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I am always entertained about the features of the internet containing fancy geeky words to accompany them.

Not saying that is a bad thing, as they probably do need some sort of word. Most make wonderful sense.. some are a bit foreign until you know what it means for example in the case of an acronym. Others are simply based upon a product name, like google or Tweet for a Twitter entry. Even others are just names somebody decided to use similar to Java. You never know..

Blog is one such thing.. Simply means Web log, but was the extra few letters and a space so less important that we chop it off? Nah.. I think it was just a catchy phrase that caught on. Not a real huge deal to me.. it just sounds funny and I felt like making fun. Log with a B.

Seems to me when online chat and forums took off, things went nuts with shortcuts. Today there are even more new phrases and emoticons that have come about due to the texting frenzy on cell phones as well. Because someone first decided that giving folks chat option all while still only having 12 keys on a phone was a great thing! ..especially if they could sell you a plan all while driving you insane attempting to communicate with others. Funny thing is, those folks COULD just call using the phone.. Actually I am thinking that was what the cell phone companies were hoping, but they were covered either way. ...all while laughing their way to the bank.

So there you go... STYG. I made that up.. Poetic Justice huh? Oh.. I mean PJ? Nah.. I would rather have a PB&J

So having seen I have the option of having a blog on this forum, I figured I HAD to make an entry. ..but is that a good thing? LOL I have no idea either. Maybe folks will figure that out by the time I decide to make another entry. TTFK BRB UNT AFK etc etc..

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  1. Alex™'s Avatar
    aha that was brilliant =]
  2. RickRock_777's Avatar
    Very nice jw. Ur Blog'ing now. I'm Blog'ing too. So...I guess We Blog. Now that I think about it, it could be that We Be Blog'ing.

    I think I know why it was shortened from Weblog to was to accomodate the inclusive phrase "We Blog", which sounds so much niftier than "We Weblog".

    Guess I'll leave now...don't want to use up all of your I just ate dinner and I'm feeling a little blog (reminds me of the word busog, which is tagalog for full).

    But anyway...I'll be different points in the read your blog...share words of wisdom...break
  3. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    OMG, this B-log is totally gr-8! Srs! 4reals! STYG, this b-log FTW!

    ...ouch, that chatspeak made my brain go boom D: But it had to be done i guess :P
  4. jwwphotos's Avatar
    LOL!! People read this stuff!?!?! Uh oh!

    Yeah.. Blog is a catchy phrase of a noun "web log" turned action verb that also works as a noun. However it is a unique situation with Blog as everyone logs in, but few would say they "loggle" or "logi"?.

    Thanks everyone!! I will keep in mind I might have an audience. ..or would that be an Audi? Hmm nah that is a bit silly.. However, I drive one and it does rhyme with Howdy!!!
  5. RickRock_777's Avatar
    Audi? You must switch to Volvo immediately don't know what you're missing. My wife and I are Volvovians For Life, and the dealership made us swear we would only associate with other Volvovians, before they would make the sale. They also made us adopt the salesman. His name is Joel...and he's holding the keyboard for me as I type this. After a while, you don't even know he's there. Now that's service! Sold yet? Should I call them and setup your trade-in appointment? Really, it's no problem at all. Glad to do it. Otherwise...sadly...this will be my last post to your Blog...until I can think of something else to say.
  6. jwwphotos's Avatar
    I dunno... Audi won LeMans several times and I am quite happy with my TT. In fact I have modified it quite a bit and have done several track days at tracks such as Road America and Mid Ohio to name a few. Up to this year was doing quite a bit of autocross with the local Indy SCCA snagging a few championships or at least in the top 3 of whatever class I was running that year. sorry if being an AudiMotive fan is a problem!!
  7. RickRock_777's Avatar
    OK...I'm not supoosed to be here...posting and please don't tell myself...let's keep it on the hush hush.

    (In a very manly voice) Yeah jw...those Audi machines are impressive, beefy, power-filled masterpieces of engineering excellence. They blow away the competition, especially those weird Volvo geeks...they're way into safety, and just tend to miss out on all the fun.

    (normal abnormal nerdy voice) My wife and I love our Twin Turbo XC90 SUVs. Hers is a Cedar Green, and mine is a Ruby Red...they're both jewels. They're great for tooling around town, and very economical as well. Plenty of room for kids and groceries at the same time.

    So, I'll stop by on the sly, and leave the occassional bread crumbs. But I'll have to deny I was ever here, if I find out I was here.
  8. jwwphotos's Avatar
    ahhh ok mum's the word.


  9. TheCountessZ's Avatar
    OK...this needs to be said: jw has an Audi and RickRock and the Mrs are Volvovians, but I have so many "Saab" stories to tell. I'm actually Saabing right now writing this. I will never be able to sell it because of all the money I've put into this piece of cr*p. It owns me now.