My LBP Career

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This was a response to a PM I got from someone and thought it would make a good blog post:

Question: What was your first level?

Oh, boy... You've opened up Pandora's Box...

My LBP Career

Well, my first ever level was made just days after christmas. It was awful, lol. Ironically, this was also the only level that got the 'failed to load level' bug. I sorta remade the level, and published it for half a second, but then locked it. No plays, it never saw the light of day. Then, I began working on a brand new level, but still had no idea what I was doing, so it was also pretty bad. I got a bit into the level, but gave up for a lack of inspiration. It was a sort of Indiana Jones-esque type deal. Nothing too special... Alas it was never finished and was eventually deleted.

Then I took some time off from lbp to play some various sequels (all coincidence, mind you). I played Skate 2, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 for a while (mostly Skate 2). Then, I popped lbp back into my system to appease some bored, drunk people. I remembered why in the hell it was so fun. I sort of played around in create mode and tried to make a Portal-esque type level, but never was able to come up with anything that great. I used bunker stone throughout, and it just didn't look right. I did come up with one thing though - the underhung switch puzzle mechanic from some of my levels. Other than that, it was garbage, and was eventually deleted.

One Saturday, I was bored and decided to try to find some more of the story mode prizes. I fell in love with the Islands levels, and I was prompted to make Sack Ninja Training. Finally, I was making some actual progress on an actual level. It took about 5 days total (non-stop working, mind you), but it was eventually released to the public. It ended up getting a couple hundred plays and I was ecstatic. It was during this time that I joined lbpc - that would put it at the first of June.

Immediately after this, I decided I was going to revisit my Portal-type level. One thing led to another and the Aperture Science Series was born. Originally intended to be a single level, I just started building random stuff as it came to me. When I noticed my thermo was filling up pretty quickly, I decided to end it right before you "escape". I thought I was just going to make a sequel that ended with the GlaDOS fight, so I made her first. It took up way too much thermo, and ended up being super-complicated, so I finally broke down and went with a trilogy. After about a month of non-stop creating, the Aperture Science Series was finished.

I was actually a bit shocked at how popular they were - I think I got pretty lucky with the first couple of plays. I published part one and republished only a handful of times before it just took off. In 2 days it went from about 200 plays to about 9000. I was flabbergasted. I was sure to publish each of the other two levels before the previous one was off of Cool Pages, thereby driving traffic to the subsequent levels.

After that, I thought I was going to take a break from creating, but I thought of the idea for the Brain Chain level. It was actually created from start to finish in one morning (minus a few tweaks a few days later). Since then, I've been working on a few projects, some more secretive than others, as well as publishing a few tutorial levels based on some of the stuff I've picked up on.

Currently, my main project is something I shall not discuss, but my secondary project is the Canyon's throwback level (particularly, The Mines), for which there is a thread in the Ideas and Projects Forum.

And that's where I'm at.

My first 4 levels never saw the light of day. My first actual level was Sack Ninja Training.


  1. chezhead's Avatar
    It's interesting that it went from Sack ninja Training to the Aperture Science levels!
  2. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    Hmm... thats actually very interesting. Just goes to show that with experience comes good levels
  3. Kipmonlin's Avatar
    I can't believe how fast you work. I thought Sack Ninja Training was made by someone much more experienced. The difficulty is so precisely just hard enough to be fun and challenging without being frustrating.

    I was also preoccupied with Skate 2 before I could start creating .

    Good read. Thank you.

    And congrats on a great career .
  4. Powershifter's Avatar
    Good stuff! I long to have 5 days straight with nothing to do but create.... I could get so much done lol
  5. Zwollie's Avatar
    I just discovered this, how interesting!!

    I actually thought you joined after Aperture Science, might just have been the time when I started noticing you though.
  6. IAGUITO21's Avatar
    You are AWESOME!