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Alrighty then, so basically, i'm in the blogging section often enough, i might as well give others the chance to bother ME with their comments Plus, i've been meaning to start one for a while, but now we come to the crux of the matter: What should i blog for a topic?

It should be something meaningful, but not so meaningful as to start an entire new topic necessarily, (though hilightnotes' recent blogs seem to be a topic of their own ) and of course it should be relevant to something interested in, and hopefully others are as well, otherwise theres not much relevance to its relevance

It should be something that can spark some interest, without going in circles, and shouldn't be hot enough a topic to warrant flaming or the like. (though i hope i'm rather fire retardant by now ;p)

It shouldn't be something that someone has already done, because thats almost similar to going in circles. And now i'm going in circles about going in circles it seems.

So many choices, too many options... its hard to pick what to write about...

Well, hmm... look at that, i guess i found a topic after all


  1. swanbrown's Avatar
    I agree.
    This Blogging Busines is pretty cool! it's like my own personal little Soap-box puppet-show.
    When ever I feel like it, I can climb up and shout "HEY, I HAVE AN OPINION!" to my heart's content
  2. Powershifter's Avatar
    @ Swanbrown ... LOL
  3. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    I have to say i like your opinion about having an opinion Except shouldn't it be "ME HAVE OPINION!"?
  4. shropshirelass's Avatar
    Go for it Burnvictim42!

    I agree with swanbrown that a blog does not have to be meaningful or relevant. It is your chance to spout (hopefully in an entertaining way!) about whatever takes your fancy. I mean – oopy goopy sauce and how best to eat chocolate covered raisins – not exactly hot topics on everybody’s lips but great blog entries.

    Oh BTW gald to see someone else agrees about the best way to write hilightnotes’ name!