The...first? :D

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Hey guys. Itís me, goldenclaw13 (I guess you already know that ), and Iím posting my first blog!

So, hereís the thing: Iím stuck writing this story for English tomorrow, and Iíve been really really bored while im doing it, so I thought I should start a blog! Thing is, I donít know what to talk about Mostly LBP stuff, I presumeÖ

You guys can comment what you wanna see here Ė I want this to be something everyone can read and enjoy, so I need community input.

Perhaps, every few posts Iíll share what Iíve been doing in LBP and maybe my own life. Then, I can talk about some cool concepts that would work nicely in the game. I could talk about levels Iíve played, review them, and also people I hang out with. The possibilities are pretty much endless

Iím thinking about having about 4-6 blog posts a week Ė sound good to you all? I can already hear you all wimpering ďOh, please, at least 20 a day!!!Ē, but school is very hard and I donít get a lot of time on the PS3 or computer every day.

So I think thatís about it. You guys can comment on what the blogs should be about, how long they should be, and how much I should release themÖ

Until laterÖbye!


  1. hilightnotes's Avatar
    Blog about your level breaking skillz xD
  2. Ricano's Avatar
    Blog about upcoming levels O:
  3. goldenclaw13's Avatar
    Both excellent Ideas! Any ideas as to how long and how often?
  4. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    Blog when you want, about what you want Trying to keep to a schedule doesn't always work out too well (especially with school), and you're really limiting yourself if you choose to stay with one or a few themes.
  5. goldenclaw13's Avatar
    Yep, I've already said that I don't want this to be a review onnly blog, or a "What am I doing now" blog, just a mix of everything (Ehem Hilightnotes)
  6. hilightnotes's Avatar
    I have inspired the masses!
    ..Er... one person...

  7. OmegaSlayer's Avatar
    Blog about your dancing skills.
    You already have good ideas.
    I don't know how long is your friend's list, but it could be fun if you blog about the people you play with in a hilarious way.
  8. Powershifter's Avatar
    You could title all your blogs:

    The Yellow Fingernail Series (Part I .. and so on)

    ...or maybe not

    you know I'm just joking.. not trying to be rude (I wanted to make that clear!)
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  9. ExplosiveCheddar's Avatar
    I liked the idea of reviewing levels, that way I don't have go on until page 1000 on cool levels when I want to play something good