Some People Have No Respect

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Hello. I just wanted to say something about this little problem and see if others agree with me. There are so many great levels out there in LBP. After playing them I usually leave a comment to the author, but when looking through the comments i notice something. Some people end up writing really rude comments. One example i saw was in gevurah's (excuse me if i misspelled his name) GOTY lvl. Someone wrote a rather nasty comment about his lvl (which was amazing). Not only that, he started writting things to gevurah like that hes a waste of air and space and that he shouldn't be alive or something like that. I REALLY hate people who disrespect others like that. Some of my lvls have gotten nasty comments like that. The reason why i think people do this is because either they are not good at creating lvls so they take out their anger on good lvls. Its all jealousy thats what i say. What else i realise is that most of these people are little kids between ages 9-15 thats my guess. Others dont write comments instead they upload a picture to the lvl showing a sticker saying the "F" word or saying F**ot. Seroiusly, these people need to stop. Its really ridiculous getting jealous at other ppl's lvls. You have talent still its just not creating lvls in LBP think about that before jealousy takes over and makes you write a rude comment on someone's lvl.


  1. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    Hear hear! Unfortunately, i'm not sure theres really all that much you can do =/ A lot of high profile creators take these comments with a grain of salt though, i think you'll find there are far more "This level rocks!" comments than the bad ones on things like Steampunk Samurai.
  2. Powershifter's Avatar
    Good Grief those .. not so nice people! I've seen one of my buddies get spammed with rude comments on his uploaded pictures of the levels. I believe he's reported it, but not much else you can do besides constantly upload more pics.
  3. moonwire's Avatar
    I know how it feels, and something similar happed to me, except there was not any F words, the person had taken a picture, posted it on my level, and then taken a picture and made it the picture to show up when you look at a level, and a picture of the person...

    Do you know what the picture contained? A naked woman, but luckily, only the upper half.
    I had to delete my level, in disgust, before I found about the good grief button.

    My eyes are still burning unpleasant after that experience...