Cool New Glitch!

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Today, I played Odd Gravity, by Crisofilax and was amazed by it! I aced it in one try and won the blocks. In the level, there are three kinds of blocks. Low gravity blocks, high gravity blocks, and blocks that have something that acts like wind . The glitch is really cool, and I have never seen it before this.

How to do the glitch
To do the glitch, place an invisible piece of dark matter, attach it to a rod, and the rod to the middle of any material you want. Set the rod to stiff, and length of 2.3. Now attach another rod to the middle of the same material, and to another piece of dark matter. Set it to 50 for low grav, 2 for low and don't set it to stiff. Then unpause if you are in pause mode, and get the on the material. You should have either low or high gravity!

To see this glitch used in a cool way, play Odd Gravity by Crisofilax!


  1. elzbenz's Avatar
    Nice discovery!
  2. Powershifter's Avatar
    awesome! I'll check this out!
  3. goldenclaw13's Avatar
    I used this in a different way before, trying to recall how though...

    Great find! I can't wait to try it and jump really high or something
  4. Sunrise_Moon's Avatar
    Thanks, but I didn't find this out! Crisofilax did, though he never explained it.
  5. aer0blue's Avatar
    This is awesome. I suspect it'll be patched though, as it's not intentionally put in the game.