Ps tuts #2: How to make a basic sig

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This tutorial will show you how to make something like this with little effort


First open a blank document choose any size you want (i usually go with 380X140)

Next click on filter>render>clouds it should come up with something like this

Next download some grunge brushes you can download some here


Now with your grunge brushes in hand select any brush and on a new layer brush over it black don't brush to much though only a little

Next select another brush and brush over it again on a new layer however this time in white

Repeat this over again until you get something like this (after a couple of layers you can switch to a different set of brushes)


Now play around with brightness and contrast until it looks good (go layer>new adjustment layer>brightness and contrast)

Now your background should look something like this

Adding the Render

Next download a render (try planet renders) and paste it into your sig it might seem a bit big so just go edit>transform>scale (make sure you hold down shift while doing this)

Finishing Touches

Next go to layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map play around with all those settings there and you should get something nice like this (note you might want to change the opacity of the gradient map i set mine at 20%)

Almost done now create a new layer and go image>apply image

Go filter>render>lighting effects and use these settings not exactly though you can move it around and stuff :P

Add in some text with the text tool place it somewhere so it looks good but does not take your eyes away from the focal(your render)

(text tool)

Create a new layer and press (ctrl a) correct me if im wrong im using a mac then go edit>stroke

Select any color and thickness you want (i usually go with a 1-3 pixel black).Then click once and there you go a nice basic sig

DON'T RIP well i doubt you would anyway :P

plz post your outcomes and ask me if you have any questions or if it needs to be explained better


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  1. Powershifter's Avatar
    Our Grief Relief Team could use a custom sig... if you're up to the task, check out our thread. Personally, this seems easy enough to do, but I have no idea what program you're using