Bored. So how much did you guys pay for your MOVE & PS3-EyeCam?

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just like the name of blog says.
I'm bored and would like to know How much did you guys pay for yours?

I payed...

21$ for A brand new MOVE, got it off of eBay.
15$ for PS3-EyeCam, Got it off of eBay used.

Ha. all together I only payed 36$ for all this stuff.
I feel kinda sorry for the people who payed over 70$ for that stuff.
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  1. BobtheYoungFish's Avatar
    Well, I think I beat you...
    I payed $0 for both MOVE and PS3-EyeCam......but that's prabably because I don't have them
    I don't really plan on getting them, the only thing I'd use them for is LBP.. and its not worth the 70$ or whatever
  2. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Ahaha. Well IMO LBP is worth it.
    I plan on using a lot of the Move tools like the Move paint ETC myself
    So no. you did not beat me really. as your just were not interested
    in the move pack content as much as some of us I suppose~ *mew
  3. a_mailbox's Avatar
    got the resistance 3 doomsday edition.
    I'm pretty happy with it.
  4. BobtheYoungFish's Avatar
    Ya, LBP is worth it, that's most of the reason I got a PS3 I also like the Move Paint idea, but I'm TERRIBLE at art so I'll just get other people to paint me pictures for my levels, if I want