whos sick of x3power and steipene ravens

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Stephanie ravens and x3power copyied my freinds lvls it sad

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  1. craigmond's Avatar
    I think its worth knowing Stephanie Ravens is no longer like that. She is a nice person.
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  3. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    she has not copied levels for almost 2 years now. and yeah she is nice to her friends.
    I'm one of her friends. So I can say at least that much about her.
  4. Sackgirlsrule's Avatar
    Yeah, she's nice now :)
    She deserves a second chance since she stopped copying levels. :)
  5. killerbrainbow's Avatar
    oh i keep hearing the same thread about Stephanie ravens

    whos true?
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    what about x3power?
  7. a_mailbox's Avatar
    ok, as far as i know all of raven's level were in fact copyable (ergo no fault except that of the creators)
    She has stopped now and the cool pages are a safe place again.

    and as far as i know: x3power was a sub-account of hers :/
  8. killerbrainbow's Avatar
    thanks but we still need to stop the other spannners on the cool pages
  9. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by a_mailbox
    and as far as i know: x3power was a sub-account of hers :/
    x3 power was not a sub account. she was a friend of her.
    I know... I had to deal with her while I was with Steph.

    @ killerbrainbow.
    You can't stop people from being trolls. and bugging them will only make them act worse.You can't change people from ruining the cool pages. just gave it up.the cool pages will always be token over by annoying,selfish and lazy always has since LBP came out and always will be. We never had only a small handful of spammers. we have 100s. and even more lazy people and kids who are not good creators but upload their levels anyways.*mew
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  10. Sackgirlsrule's Avatar
    About all the spammers. That's why I like the Spotlight Crew, they find good levels for us.
    Plus the Contest Crew, they encourage people to make good levels, and I've seen some Contest levels on the Cool Pages. :)
  11. killerbrainbow's Avatar
    i sorry i though Stephanie ravens bad i HEAR SO MUCH RUMORS about her but im still wondering about x3power
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    fumzto im a kid i find that offensive
  13. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    I said Kids who are not good creators.
    I never said all kids are not good creators. (T_T)
    I was talking about the ones who are not good at it.
    And if you still take offense to something I did not even say.
    Then whatever. not my problem. *mew
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    oh lol sorry
  15. killerbrainbow's Avatar
    i think she's BACK i have proof