100%ed MOVEPACK!

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Welp. I got everything in the MOVEPACK done and completed... took me a a little while. (>.>)
and now with that out of the way... it's back to creating levels for me now.

I can''t wait to try out and use all this new stuff!

PS: I will never create a level where you need to use the MOVE.
even after playing the pack. as fun as it was. The MOVE is not my kind of thing.
but I should still be able to make good use out of the MOVE only tools like the
Motion recorder, ETC anyways

Updated 09-16-2011 at 11:45 AM by Lord-Dreamerz



  1. blackwiggle's Avatar
    I don't know how you managed to beat the extended version of the "Fast Food" level, that is driving me around the bend, very close to controller throwing.
    I can't actually finish the level, which is a first for me.
    Why is it that only on that level the up/down controls are reversed?
    Is it possible to change from default up/down controls with the move?, or is that game specific?

    Mind you, it's only the second time the Move has been out of it's box since the first day I bought it and tried it out , which was release day.

    Maybe I have it set up wrong, but I somehow don't think so as I've finished all 13 levels apart from the extended "Fast Food" level.
  2. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    the extended version of the "Fast Food" level is hard...
    but it was not the most hard minigame for me in the pack.
    the Pond Skater minigame was the worse for me...
    I'm not sure if the controls Fast Food feel backwards to me...
    but they did take a lot of getting use to. believe me you not even gotten to the
    worse part of fast food yet. but I beat the whole fast food
    mini game after like 4 hours of playing it. (>.>)
  3. SnipySev's Avatar
    Wow, that fast
    Judging by how much I want to buy the Move, I guess I'll take as much time to buy the Move Pack as I did to buy MGS and POTC (which means months and months )
  4. coyote_blue's Avatar
    It's also possible to win the hard mode of Fast Food, then go back to easy mode and get the 10,000 points. Pond Skater? Not so much.

    I'd agree that the Move pack is almost good enough as a creation suite to make PLAYING Move levels unnecessary.
  5. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Also the protect the Bot's summerhouse minigame was super hard for me. :I