7 days to create.

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So this is finally it. A week until I leave my suburban place here in Portugal to go study in Belgium. In the big city of Ghent to be exact. I'd like to publish the platformer level I'm making until then. I don't know if I'll have acess to the PSN there, so it could be a few months before I play online again. I hope I can acess the dorm's wi-fi with my PS3, but I'm not sure. Besides, I'll have my studies to worry about
I don't know if I can complete this level in 7 days. Now I kinda wish I had started working on it earlier. But yesterday I just started with the sub-level that comes after the main level's link, so I can always hope

See you guys in Craftworld. I hope you enjoyed the summer as much as I did


  1. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Good luck man~
  2. craigmond's Avatar
    ^Yeah good luck.
  3. gdn001's Avatar
    Boa sorte!
  4. SnipySev's Avatar
    Thanks guys, obrigado Gdn it's not the first time I go to Belgium but I never was gone for an indefinite time like this. Makes me nervous to think about it but I'm sure I'll be okay
    About the level, I worked about 4 hours on it today and progress has been steady. Way faster and more efficiently than when I worked on the first half. If I keep this up and have lots of time I'll have it finished by tomorrow night. I still have a lot of thermo space due to having it divided in 2 parts, so maybe I'll take an extra day to see what decorations and little improvements I can make. It's nothing complex really, just a simple platformer. But I feel like I have to contribute to this community that provided me with stuff to play for 3 years the best I can
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