You never forget the first time (you make a level)

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It's done. I made a level. It's has strange feeling to it, maybe because I have played this franchise since LBP1's launch and never published a thing. For 3 years I have been playing, playing and playing, instead of Playing, Creating and Sharing. Of course I spent a lot of time in Create but it was making random experiments, not full levels. Now that I finally made one, it makes me reflect on what changed my mind and made me commit to the cause of creating something others could play.
In LBP1 I never got interested in making levels. After having played some of the worst garbage the community could come up with, I'd rather not publish anything instead of clogging the servers up with H4H crap like three or four of my PSN friends did. Then LBP2 came out and offered a true social network to further support the community. Now we can easily find out what our friends have been playing and what our hearted creators have been hearting. Everybody "owns" a virtual planet they can customize and show to the world, as well as a profile. LBP became three quarters videogame and one quarter social network. Before LBP2 I didn't care who made what level and what exactly have my friends been doing in the game. I do now, because LBP2 encourages this kind of virtual interactions much more than LBP1 did. And with that came some kind of indirect "peer pressure". I just felt uncomfortable having an empty planet in a game where everybody's planets are filled with level badges.

Well, I finally did something. And now I don't want to stop here. Which is unfortunate, because as I said in my last blog entry, I don't know if my PS3 will have online access in the place I'll be staying. I hope I have time for creating this year and I hope this community holds up well in the meantime. If my studies don't absorb all of my time, I expect to return from Belgium with another level stored in my Moon, waiting for an internet connection so it can be published and played by others. Heck, maybe even two, but I can't get my hopes up that high. But I can guarantee it won't take me another 3 years for my next contribution to this wonderful community.

See you in Craftworld, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. rialrees's Avatar
    Congrats! It takes a lot of courage to publish your first level, at least it did for me lol. I hope you'll keep at it while you're studying - as a break, you know!
  2. BloodShot9001's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember my first level... it sucked balls. XD But even so, it was mine, and it was above average...... for a noob... I appluad that you're not caring about everyone else that's "amazing." All that really matters is what YOU think. =3 (I'm a hypocrit)
  3. BrianTheBlogger's Avatar
    Ah yes, my first level. I was filled with anticipation, hoping it would get to cool pages. I was worried too. I was thinking, "What if they hate it?", "What if it doesn't get many plays?", I was scared! An hour went by and it wasn't doing good...:boo: I knew I would be REALLY bummed! I got offline... The next day I looked, back on my level I was VERY, VERY scared now. When I looked at it... IT HAD OVER 2,400 PLAYS!!! This comment didn't make you feel good didn't it? :( If it did then YAY!!!:love:
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