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Water logic?

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Just a thought; Now that there is a new sensor type, I'm sure that there is opportunity to find a new way to make level logic. Also, because things can float, and the water level can change, it may be possible to reduce the number of connectors by having things float or sink. If you want a lot of things to be triggered by one switch, make some slot-shaped DM with a piece of floating material that can move up and down in the slot, make them all at the same height, and wire the switch you want to control all of these things to a environmental water control thingy. I'm thinking this is how it would work:

Switch activated
Water level increases (or decreases)
Floating pieces that have mag keys float (or drop down)

So, instead of having pistons (or the like) and all of the wires going to them, you have one switch and one water control thingy.

I would look into this now, but I have some homework that I should be doing. I'll post more later.

Ok, so I tried some things out. It looks like this would be useful for controlling devices that use a common input. Not so much for certain individual gates, though. I could be wrong, and I'll investigate this more, but the connector-less directional OR gate I made uses 2 mag keys and 4 mag switches. Not very efficient, and is pretty slow. On the other hand, because the water level stays at a certain height (depth?) until another global water object is activated, it could effectively be used as a multi-input perm switch. Also, water can be tweaked to have waves, so some oscillation-based devices could possibly be simplified.

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  1. olit123's Avatar
    That is a very good idea! It would be very good if connectors took up a lot of thermometer which I'm not sure is true. I may have to test this out later. It wouldn't work if you are using water for gameplay in your level though.
  2. Hibbsi's Avatar
    Yes, it would be very hard to do if your level uses water for gameplay, but oh well

    And I think that connectors do take up thermo, I'm just not sure to what extent. All I know about thermo is in comphermc's thermo thread and rtm223's blog postings lol
  3. comphermc's Avatar
    The only thing rtm could work how to to use water to our advantage would be to use waves as a rhythmic input. It's pretty limited in that sense. Anything you can do with water, I can do without it, lol.

    It seems kinda cool though. Water can be used as a gigantic key!

  4. Hibbsi's Avatar
    Yeah, don't expect a water-logic calculator from me anytime soon. One thing I am thinking about, though, is setting the water at different levels with multiple levels of logic. (i.e., if water is at the 5th lowest row of logic, then rows 1-4 would also be activated)

    Also, making a connector-less OR gate was pretty interesting, although inefficient. I was thinking of how to make a 1-connector full adder, too.
  5. Luos_83's Avatar
    Aya found this blog for me,
    Im actually confident that this is THE way to go to save some keys,
    though latency can allways be argued.