Anemia and a Wind Storm!

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Hey there. This past month (November) has been very terrible for me. You see I suffer a bit from anxiety and insomniac which of course prevents me from getting enough sleep. So i would take pills to help me go to bed. I unfortunately missed an appointment with my doctor and because of that, I wasn't subscribed a new set of pills and I eventually ran out of them. Without the pills I wasn't able to fall asleep and I wasn't able to go to sleep for 2 days straight. When you are sleep deprived, your body acts up such as sensitivity to cold and what not. So continuing on, my system began to deteriorate from there. I had Nausea and eventually developed a bad cough and fever. I went to the doctor and they did a blood test on me and turns out that I had Anemia. Fortunately it wasnt that bad but still bad enough for me not to stand. By the end of November I began to recover great but my bad luck streak didn't end there. Just a few days ago, Southern california was hit by a really bad windstorm. I happened to be playing Fat princess with some friends when the wind storm knocked the power out. We managed to get it back on but withing like a minute it was knocked out again. The TV and Motum were ok but the ps3 wasn't so lucky. The little standby light never came back on! I tried everything from pluging the power cord to another outlet to even using a new power cord. To make matters worse my LBP2 disc is stuck inside ;_; I'm gonna have to check if my ps3 can be fixed asap otherwise imma have to buy a new system. So that is my story of what has been happening to me over the past month. I really hope i can get back online quick.


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    man! Sorry to hear about all that. I sincerely hope things start to turn around and you can get that PS3 fixed.