Ps3 problemmss?

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So i was playing with my awesome friend online with random creating, and once i had to rewind the ps3 died. I quickly started it again and a text popped up and warned me that there could be a memory corruption or something, luckily everything was there.

Today the same happened again, but i was playing offline without lag, the ps3 died once again, this time as i where searching for objects in my poppit and had selected one. It warned me again for corruption but nothing was missing.

Im quite scared the next time all will be lost, i can should and will back up my profile to a USB sooner or later but will my ps3 be dead forever? All day i hear people who lost their ps3. Is it NORMAL for a ps3 to end up dead? Man that's.. crap! My ps2 and ps1 still works fine
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  1. gdn001's Avatar
    My ps2 and ps1 still works fine
    FACT: The PS1 and PS2 were originally made for soldiers in war. Not actually, but they are darn resistant.

    That happened to me twice, one time it was my mistake and I lost everything, the other time it happened out of nowhere but everything was safe. If it's happening frequently, I suggest you backup what you can and hope for the best.
  2. Tyranny68's Avatar
    Mine does this simi often, whenever it has the popup just let it check and restore the files, mine does it because i have very slow internet and i still play online, i have quit a lot of people trying to join me all the time so when i rewind to much or when im with them and they rewind too much it just freezes.

    not good though, you can also turn your PS3's safe mode and and do the first 2 options and it may fix this permanently for you.

    i however need a new PS3 and a thumb drive.
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