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Toothless Wonder

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So one of my 5 year olds (I have two, twins) comes to me and says, "Daddy, can you pull this tooth out?" I tell her, "No, it's not loose enough yet." She comes back a few minutes later and says, "Nevermind, I pulled it myself." and hands me her tooth! Little monkey. My oldest one would always be a baby about it. The tooth would be so loose it would barely be hanging on and leaning all the way sideways and I'd have to hold her down to pull it out. This little girl is pulling teeth herself!

Yesterday, we took all the kids to this place called "Pump it Up" it's a party zone place with several giant rooms filled with these "Moon bounce" things. You know, the big inflatable bounce houses, castles, slides and whatnot. I don't know about the kiddos, but I had fun. I may have bounced, slid, and climbed more than them. I'm paying for it though. I wore shorts and have some serious vinyl burns on my knees. I did win several obstacle course races though. One of the races was against my 15 yr old. I'm the bounce house king baby!

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  1. Tyranny68's Avatar
    Lol i always pulled out my own teeth if they were annoying me, now i have a 3 year old girl, im sure i will be dealing with that in a few years time XD

    The bounce house king huh? rofl