Background Glitch. aka 3D Glitch

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i find that after i found out how to use it i am using it everywhere, it is no longer a thing i used to maybe try to put in 1 or 2 scenes now i can use it with speedy effeciency and be happy with the result.

So we come to my conclusion and my point.... i am addicted to the 3D glitch..

Am i the only one? are more sackfolk out there like me addicted to this too?

If so please tell me, it is a very uncommon disease and i dont think i can find a cure XD


  1. xtremesackboy's Avatar
    I prefer to not use it actually.
  2. a_mailbox's Avatar

    It truly depends on the level of course. In my groups case, all levels have it.

    It adds a "layer" of depth and openess to the world (not as much of a succluded feel) compared to just 3 layers being shown. Personally, i'm glad that many people on my team have master lists of 3d layers... otherwise we would still be at set building XD