Crown of Chaos Status effects :D

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IM back with more information about status effects! The logic and system is all 100% working and is a-ok.
Now for your player to use these amazing Status boosts is to find 5 Star spheres and once your collected 5 Star Spheres you can use 1 of the 4 status boosting effects which are-

Agate= A protective spell that boost defence by 50%.
Tourmaline= A power spell that boost Attak by 50%.
Azurite= A healing spell that restores HP over time.
Prehnite= Increaste rate of what Mp recoverery

You can collect star Spheres from Monsters drop or found in treasure speheres.
Rarely, you can find in treausre Speheres or Monster drops are Status Orbs, when walked into gives you 1 of the 4 status effects.
Now lets speak about bad status effects.
These can be cause by traps or Monsters.

Etaga= A deminish spell that reduces defence by 50%
Enilamruot= A weakening spell that reduces attack by 50%
Etiruza= A poisonus spell that reduces Hp over time.
Etinherp= Decrease rate of Mp recovery.

In stages there are Ruin Relics that once activated will grant the player Status protection.
So thats my Status effects system done
Now can any notice whats peculiar about the status effects name and then there Bad status effects name?