Nys' Marvelous Misadventures

Another blog, yey!

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Stuff that happens on in real life:
So uh, a blog ... By me ...
Time for something cheery, 4 days until I get that sexy PSVITA.
I sooo want that LBP.
Nothing else to post, the sound of rain on my roof is putting me to sleep. *Yawns* I'll type some good stuff when I come back, yes?

Stuff that happens in LBP:
Errr, nothing, massive creators block on Russian Rocks, which came at the wrong moment.
Also working around the "Apocalypse" series, It'll be awesome.
Nothing on LBP2 yet, I keep scrapping projects and levels.


  1. nysudyrgh's Avatar
    Hey, I just saw that I failed epically, anyone knows how to change the name of my blog?
  2. Darkcloudrepeat's Avatar
    Just hover over the title and a little pen and paper icon should appear beside it, just click that and you can edit the title and content of your blog entry .
    And hey I am getting the Vita on Wednesday as well! Vita party!
    Updated 02-18-2012 at 10:38 PM by Darkcloudrepeat