Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition)

Yet another backtrack...

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Whelp... I'm grounded. For two C+s... bleh. I have no lbp access now and can access the web only via phone and school. ...I hope progress wont be hindered because of this...


  1. a_mailbox's Avatar
    it shouldn't...

    But the lag and constant thermo rising certainly does
  2. unc92sax's Avatar
    Hahahahahah. That happened to me last week because I had two C's!
    I knew I wasn't the only one who gets grounded for bad grades.
  3. NANOtech17's Avatar
    A C is a pretty good grade compared to other grades and its a pass...
    I usually get A*'s and A's and B's in stuff like science and maths
  4. NANOtech17's Avatar
    i had and E in RE and my mum doesnt mind it and she is VERY scrict