A little lesson

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Once there was a guy that raged very often, got into fights, hurted people.
One day his dad gave him an hammer and some nails and told him:
"Everytime you get angry with someone, instead of raging go in the courtyard and put a nail in the fence"
And so the guy started to do as his father said.
First day he put 50 nails...second week 40 nails, always less and less until one day he stopped to rage and stopped to put nails in the fence, so he went to his dad and asked him what to do now.
His father said:
"Every day that you don't get angry, remove one nail"
And so the guy started doing.
After some years he had passed removing nails he went to his dad in the kitchen.
"Dad, there are no more nails in the fence, now what?"
The dad said: "come with me" and they went together to the courtyard.
"You see the holes in the fence, every one of them is a scar that you left in someone, everytime you do something bad, it doesn't matter if you say sorry, you have hurt someone, remember it."


  1. jwwphotos's Avatar
    Nice one...
  2. rialrees's Avatar
    wow. I like that Gabe! Really nice little story, thank you
  3. Lady_Luck__777's Avatar
    Excellent life lesson.
    Thanks for sharing it.
  4. biorogue's Avatar
    wowza, I like that one G. I've heard this anecdote before, but not that way. You know what? I'm going to copy it and plagiarize it.
    whoops, sent OS to the fence with his hammer.
  5. Dini_at_home_400's Avatar hurt someone is often the way life goes day by day.
    If we all think about this and don't forget the message behind, life will be a better place for every one.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, hugs Dini.
  6. Eat07's Avatar
    Pretty clever. To all you people out there like the boy in the story, remember this important lesson :3.
  7. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    pretty cool story. *mew
  8. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    I think I know this guy...
  9. Bremnen's Avatar
    Some people deserve to be hurt.
  10. Fang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bremnen
    Some people deserve to be hurt.
    Everytime I get punched with words by *name repelled* a puppy dies. Think of the puppies. I'm innocent, just a clutzy guy!

    Jokes aside, take out the anger aspect and replace kick around, and you get what TONS of people I know need to do. Leaves scars on my sack (no scarring images intended)...
  11. _prodigy's Avatar
    thats an awesome story ! :D