My Dread

... Set back.

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Due to quite a few prevalent issues, the Ace Attorney Fan Fiction has been put on hold for 2 months (possible more).

The tv, movie, and book tribute crown contest has peaked our interest and... well... We love that carrot on a stick :3

Our Main team of 4 has split for this contest into 2 pairings (by pairings, I mean entries)

The first mini-team is myself and fang. I will be working on the tribute for the most part where as fang will be doing the music and other scenery stuffs.

Tribute hint: "I am thou, Thou art I..." (Probably too easy)

The second is Thi766 and DynamiteDanTNT. I am not in ties to their entry, so it will probably get released (HAY, I MADE A JOKE... HA HA!).

Tribute hint: there's one... and it rules all. (Probably too easy again)

We just wanted to do something with a deadline so that we actually had to finish or bust, and not go all willy nilly. Plus: the winner gets a Vita... COME ON! How could we pass that up :/

Anyway, sorry about the delay.

- Mail

PS: Another reason for the haitus, is due to school work and extreme logic lag in the levels causing in game problems and productivity loss.