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Bah, sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist... much to my detriment. I have only published one level Spook House. The sequel to that level is 90% done Spook House: What Lies Beneath. The reason the second is not done is that I started going back and redoing the first one to help the story arc flow. I have drastically redone Spook House but am still not done with it and thus haven't republished it. Have you ever worked on something so long that you just can't stand to look at it any longer. Well thats what happened to me. So I started another project.

The new project was to be an entry in the Winter Holidays Contest. The premise of the concept was... what if sackboy accidentally fell out of Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve only to find himself stranded on Giligan's Island. I am a huge Gilligans Island fan... so I wanted to kind of make this a tribute/nostalgia/fun level. I started off making the scenery and the characters and quickly found out that I was going to max out my thermometer. So I came up with a solution. I would break it up into a serious of mini levels ("The Beach," "The Professor and the Volcano", "Gilligan's Drum: The Natives are Restless", What I'd do for a Pineapple Coconut Cream pie", "A Very Gilligan Christmas Day") My idea was that after each level you would win a key to the next level. I designed a Television set ScoreBoard with the Gilligan's Island logo so it looked like you popped out of a TV when you finished the level. I kinda wanted you to get the impression after finishing a level you were at a comercial break. I even went so far as to make in game Gilligan's Island theme and intro and outro scene in game custom music. But alasagain, I got tired of working on it so I have moved on.

My current project is based on a fairy tale by JRR Tolkien: The Farmer Giles of Ham. Alas, I missed the deadline for the Fairy Tales contest on Little Big Land as well. Anyway... at this rate I'm may have these levels ready by next year's contests. In the meantime I've been playing alot of your levels and getting new inspirations.


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    Deadlines are a bane of creating - I too feel your pain. This is probably the sole reason why I will never hold a crown.

    Quality work cannot be rushed. But, it's probably a good idea not to dabble in too many things or you will never get any of them finished. This is why I refuse to plan a level series. With the amount of work and planning that goes into a single project for me, to plan a level series would be to dedicate myself to create mode for six months. Life is too unpredictable, so if you're the sort that pains over every corner, take it one level at a time.

    Good luck on Spook House and it's sequel!