"Obelisk" Project Log: Intro Level

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Well it's been a day or two and only a couple loyal friends have joined in my effort, otherwise only one LBPCer volunteered to join which is really disappointing but i guess the show must go on so im making quick work of the intro level.

The thermo was looking pretty good and then it just shot up which is unusual, usually it shoots up to 1/4 then practically stops. Right now its almost 3/4 and dangerously rising so im gunna have to make it relatively short and just try to pack it with good stuff to make up for it. Im hoping i can start on the first level sometime soon and that i can get a few more good creators to help out but until then Ill just keep chuggin along with my small team


  1. coyote_blue's Avatar
    Thermo is weird like that. I usually don't start thinking about slowing down until it's 80%.

    The backup system is also a real help: truly maxed thermo is somewhere around 1200 KB. If you're maxing with less than that, you're overusing something (usually stickers or corners, but sometimes emitters).
  2. bmoney2310's Avatar
    whats ur psn ill join ur team i know a few tricks in the game and im pretty creative. whats ur level gonna be bout?