upcoming project.

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im starting on a totally epic project. i need some people who specialize in 3D, and logic. my friend sakkyr is providing the music, which will be epic. the series is a ninja based series, loosely based on naruto and ninja gaiden. i have the beginning entrance made, i just need a crew who will be there for this will be about 5 minutes long. this will also be voice acted. trying to get MM pick. if you want to help, add me on PSN. my name is Ace-of_spades775. if you do decide to help, please state what your good at.
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  1. Robmandx's Avatar
    I thought that you can work with 3D for my project
  2. Ace-of_spades775's Avatar
    i will, but this is something i wanted to do in the longest. i can work on both things
  3. threat_2_all's Avatar
    I volunteer to help. I'm great with logic but sometimes I have to think a little and I always get it done eventually. Also I'm a huge naruto fan, I still watch it today.