Omega's real life adventures - Random Episode

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So...the guy of the bar always annoys me because he wants me to put a band with him and play some rock.
He is off-pitch like a dying crow and well...he makes strange lyrics.

Sometimes when I go to take some coffee he gives me a sheet with some text and he tells me to translate it in English and make some music for it.
I usually read it while I get back to work, LMAO and put the sheet in the drawer.

I just found some stuff that I translate for you...


Feel his presence. Is here!!
His claws in the meat
His fly is not natural
His chant is squeeky
The night is his world
In your dreams he IS!!
His dancing is black, he's still
in the flight he draws uncanny hypnotic flights
he drink the blood, he's always with you
Bite the Bat!!

UOMOLUPO is alive
(the Italian is Wolfman č vivo, so I kept the double language)

The light in the eyes
is the one of the moon
The darkness comes forth into obscurity
The threat is in the air
Run, run woman run
The shadow stalks you
Sneaky steps, eyes of fire
The cries echoes in the obscurity
Uomolupo is alive!!

This last one has no title, not even a working one

The thought goes
It flies high, sees, overwatches and brings to memory
the mistery is here!!
you grow, you fight, you fall and reboot, you suffer, you cheer, but...
did you ever read inside yourself
like you do with your wine glass

So, that's one of the guys I have to deal with every day...


  1. biorogue's Avatar
    0.o that sounds like a cross between Jim Morrison and Ozzy Osbourne
    So this dude just gives you some lyrics and is like, hey man, put some music to this? That's weirder than his lyrics.
  2. zouz_'s Avatar
    That just made my day