Nys' Marvelous Misadventures

Holy cra- D:

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The stuff happened IRL:
Man was I scared yesterday ...
So I was watching a horror movie, and I randomly thought: "I want Iz Creem!!!1". So I went to the garage to get me some (Our freezer stands in the garage.). Off course, I didn't turn the lights on, and there was a dead body of a lamb hanging from the ceiling. (With no wool and skin and stuff.) so until I came very close, I didn't recognize something and then I was like: Aaaaagh, dead body! D: Scared the hell outta me.
So: Horror film + Dark room + Dead lamb = Scared Nys

The stuff happened in LBP:
LBP2: Still couldn't reach my ps3, and thus unable to work on my LBPC8 entry

PSP: Working on the Apocalypse Prologue, stopped working on my other levels to make more time.


  1. Fang's Avatar
    Dead lamb in the garage? Okaaaaay. o.0
  2. Kern's Avatar
    Wait why did you have an entire lamb in your garage?
  3. gdn001's Avatar
    Were you the one responsible for the recent goatnappings too? D:
  4. Night Angel's Avatar
    I hear goat's milk can cure cancer 0_o
  5. nysudyrgh's Avatar
    @Fang-: It was drying there, so you can eat it afterwards.

    @Kern-: See @Fang.

    @Gdn-: Goatnappings? Wut?

    @Night-: ...
  6. >er.'s Avatar
    Dude that's gross, think of the vegitarians!

    ... Think of all the pranks possible that is!
  7. nysudyrgh's Avatar
    I don't know any vegetarians.
    And pranks ... Didn't think about that ... Well, its too late already removed.