"Obelisk" Project Log: First Level

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Now the intro level is done with only two ticks of thermo left, now im making good work on the first level but ive hit a bump at which I know i could easily overcome it but i can't seem to get myself to go into create mode and work it out. It may be that im so used to an audience when im creating, usually i have 2-3 of my friends orbiting me and watching in some kind of apprenticeship and it made me want to be an example and drove me to create great things but I feel to isolated to work anymore.

What i need to do is get 1-2 of my friends who are working on this to come over and do another photo shoot for some characters but right now they all seem to be on different, limited, schedules which never work with mine, may just be some bad luck for now im sure it will work itself out but it's frustrating. My next blog may be around midway the first level.

Till then,