Had another 2D Sonic the hedgehog dream.

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About once every 2 weeks or sometimes just once a month I seem to have 2D Sonic the hedgehog dreams. They are like the classic mega-drive games. Except with HD sprites. Sometimes the dreams are a mix of 2 zones Iíve played before on the real games. Sometimes like today not so as much. The zone was perhaps little similar to levels Iíve played before. But not a exact copy by any means.

The zoneÖ if i remember right was high up in the sky I think. Or maybe not, memory is little fuzzy there. There was these like big thrusters everywhere. The wind they created would keep always pushing you backwards. You had to run as hard as you could in order to get anywhere and had to hide behind things like big boxes and then hold & push them in front of you to in order to block off the wind that seemed to be the gimmick in the whole level. It was really hard to jump on small platforms since the wind would push you off quick. Also if I remember right you could run in place on top some platforms to actually move the platforms forward. Which was more needed in some areas since the wind was to powerful to simply run past it. I remember also hitting the star lamp post that sucked me in and started up a minigame. I canít remember the minigame hardly at all. The music was real quiet and a bit spooky in the level. Most likely because I had Ecco the Dolphin music running while I was sleeping Heheheh. The BG of the level I think was plum with maybe clouds. Not sure if there was more it seemed to be a very machine based zone. That had this empty deserted feel. Donít remember any enemiesÖ just this cold nowhere feeling. Was a interesting classic sonic dream this time to say the least for sure. In the dream itís always just the game on screen. As in there is no person playing the game in the dream nor is there anything else besides the game screen in these type of dreams. *mew

If nothing else, I could try and turn the basic idea of the dream in to a LBP level someday. ;P

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