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Drowning in paper ...

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Dat Real Life Stuff:
Well, not really drowning, but I had alot of paperwork today.
You know, the three pupils with the best notes have to hand their books in for the archive. And they chose me. C: (Probably because our class has only two people, but hey, they chose me. ). And now I have to find all my notes again and put them together in the right order. Of course I am super organized and stuff ... Oh who am I kidding, my notes are one big CHAOS! :3 But now its over. I actually managed to get everything alright, woo! Now I'll wait for the results of my exams ... And then Vacation!!!1

Dat LBP Stuff:
Wait what is LBP? ... Oh, yeah its that game where you are an awesome Sakboy and create your own stuff. I haven't turned it on lately ... Time to dust off my PSP!
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  1. gdn001's Avatar
    At least you didn't make a campfire.
  2. nysudyrgh's Avatar
    I wanted to make a campfire to burn all my boo- wait, why a campfire?
  3. Valeview's Avatar
  4. nysudyrgh's Avatar
  5. Valeview's Avatar
    Marshmellow + Campfiresl. = What would make meh happy if you hadoneit.
  6. nysudyrgh's Avatar
    I'll make a campfire in my next blog post, yes? (M00P! I gets alot of attentions here. :3)
  7. gdn001's Avatar
    Campfires do attract some animals.