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So... Persona Music Anyone?

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I was never a mainstream person, so I don't listen to many songs coming from the media... but I LOVE game music to death ._. Whether they just seem deeper than regular music or not, idk. I just prefer it over a bunch of other music...

I'm currently into Persona, and the music is outstanding to me. It has a nice touch of modern music balanced with instrumental songs not unlike common game soundtracks. There's music with lyrics; some people may find j-pop/rap battle themes annoying, but it works amazingly well with the setting. And the fact that the lyrics have quite the meaning makes it even more awesome :S I personally love it.

Engrish alert.

Burn My Dread + Pursuing My True Self (Opening Themes of Persona 3 + 4)
Mass Destruction Live (Battle Theme of Persona 3)
Reach Out To The Truth (Battle Theme of Persona 4)
Dream of Butterfly (Persona PSP Opening)
A Lone Prayer (Battle Theme of Persona PSP)
Battle Arranged Version (Original Persona)
Battle Theme (Persona 2 Innocent Sin)
Boss Theme (Persona 2 Innocent Sin)
Compilation of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Battle Themes

And let's not forget Persona 4 Arena coming out soon Heartful Cry all the way!

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