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Great LBP Pinball Tables

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I play a lot of levels and one of my favorite types of levels is Pinball. I've played tons of these and have found a few that I really enjoy. So, since we have the new List feature on, I made a list of my top favorites. Have one that you like and I haven't see it? (unlikely) then post it here and let me know.

Link to my List :


  1. Masseyf's Avatar
    No idea if you have played it, but a friend of mine has a pinball level - And I feel I should try sell it, but tbh they're not my thing and I played it once ages ago... but hes a decent creator and if you enjoy that type of level, give it a go if you havent
  2. biorogue's Avatar
    awesome! thanks man. I'll give it a go.
  3. Mr Reluctant's Avatar
    Great Blog! I've played, yay'd, and hearted most of these but I see a few that I haven't tried yet. Thank you for sharing...
  4. Mr Reluctant's Avatar
    BTW Bio, you're 'sleeping on' Cartoon Pinball by: Little-Big-Playe. That little A+ Pin Ball level is an example of pure, creative excellence.
  5. biorogue's Avatar
    dang it! another one I forgot about and I even spotlighted that one! sheesh, slipping. thanks man.
  6. retrogamer7's Avatar
    My pinball levels are in here? I don't get why I made them so,so, long ago and their not very good? I am flattered and shocked. I play a pinball level I made that's on my moon that's the best I made as I made it recently. Ill have to try the levels here though as they look great.