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So I've actually been working on this a little bit. The going is slow but at least it's going. I added a little bit more and know that I'm still a long ways off from where I want it to be, but at least I'm a little bit closer than before.

this area here is a vine swing area. now something is chasing you through this swamp area. below these vines will probably be some sort of swamp creature or oh! better yet, think I'll put a couple of "good ole boys" on a boat fishing and they'll yell up at you "yehah, go boy!"
any feedback would be greatly appreciated as you can see that I'm not so hot in create mode. thanks for reading.


  1. RickRock_777's Avatar's looking spectacular dude. And you definitely belong in create are a brilliant creator.
  2. biorogue's Avatar
    I think "brilliant" is over doing it. I'm not entirely happy with those trees. I want it to look like a swamp but just don't know how to achieve that look. I've downloaded a bunch of swamp pictures and studied them but still not getting what I want. Mainly working on the basic structure of the level right now and then will go back to detail the scenery. Thanks for the kind words Rick.
  3. ForgottenEnigma's Avatar
    For good swamp trees, another method is to take the "mags the mechanic" dolls head from lbp1, enlange it and paint it green. Then using cameras and placing the object at an angle (to show the green hair while hiding the face) it will create a nice foilage effect.

    Just delete them after the player clears the area to free up thermo if you use a lot of them.
  4. biorogue's Avatar
    sweet! Thanks Dav1d! I'll try that out.
  5. Awesome_Guy's Avatar
    The Only criticism I have is that the lighting doesn't make it look that much of a swamp. It does however make it look a bit of a desert or African plains. I think if you make it more cold colours. Other from that the swamp trees look really good aswell.
  6. biorogue's Avatar
    I haven't set the lighting yet. Kind of hard to work on something in a dark and gloomy light.