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    Default Hey...check out the Members List!

    LBP FANS UNITE!!! lol, hey I just thought I would share in my excitement and point out that this place is really starting to grow pretty well.

    My hope is that when Media Molecule continues to release even more information/updates about LittleBigPlanet that more people get to see it, love it, and try to branch out and find some type of community. *hint*this place*hint*

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    long term online games like these always have the company branch out to a community based site, prevents them from gathering us themselves, and probably not have to pay for bandwit. But doubt it will be us though, 1 in a million

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    Yeah I know what you are talking about. I used to be a big Mortal Kombat fan and the company behind it, Midway, would recognize the sites that already had a community setup. So they would actually provide links to the fan sites on their own webpage for the game that they made. They would even provide special online interviews and stuff, which I think is really awesome!

    I personally tried to contact Media Molecule to ask for permission rights when I was trying to build my own fan site(which sadly is on hiatus )...but I never got any response back. It still probably wouldn't hurt to try and contact them to tell them that this site is up and running just so they know where part of the game community is located.

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    I doubt we will be chosen though, we roughly have 50, and were still using the generic vbulletin skin (no offense to lbp). but hey who knows,

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    Hmm...well if we need to buff up the look of this place I would be more than happy to create some graphics. I don't exactly know the specs of what I could edit because this is my first time being at a vbulletin forum...but I could experiment.

    Hey it possible to create custom smilies that could be used here? I've worked with pixel art a bit and I think I could get some sackboy versions made.

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    yeah this website is great for info on the game, and the ideas for it =)
    Upcoming games I'm looking foward to: !Starcraft 2!,!!Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core!!, FFXIII, FF vs. XIII, !LittleBigPlanet!, ***Possible FFVII remake***

    !Sephiroth Owns all! >=)

    FFVII Crisis Core, "Men who shed tears for their own fate, and for their friends."

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    I'd be willing to work on some things like a new lbp themed skin, which I will have to experiment with, and I've already made a lot of smileys before so I can probably work on that too.

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