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Thread: My Fuchikoma :3

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    Thumbs up My Fuchikoma :3

    Since I love the Fuchikoma (more then the Tachikoma but that one is cool too) I had to make a level with it and because I have a lot of plans with my Fuchikoma I made 3 very detailed versions of it:


    I usually use this version for conversations. Then I replace the weapon in its face with a catmouth because it's cute.


    This one is for my second level. You can go forward and backward with it, shoot his machineguns or use his rocketlauncher and you can enter or leave the cockpit whenever you want.


    This one will be for my third level. It can move to any direction but you can't use rockets and you can't leave the cockpit either because that wouldn't work. But the good thing about it is that I can make a very big world with this one!

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    Seriously cool.

    Does it actually walk? If it doesn't and instead slides forwards/backwards like the tachikoma can then maybe it would be cool if the legs were pivoted so you could jump.

    Have you played this game? I used to play it often so seeing this thread brought back a bunch of memories.

    I'd like to see one of these in LBP along with a X-ATM092 if someone hasn't already made them.

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    Oh finaly some response. ^.^

    I made two different versions. One version was moving it's legs and could jump but the movement was only a visual effect because I tried to make it really use it's legs to go forward but it didn't work. That movement is just too complex and the Fuchikoma is too heavy. Besides that a jump was too imprecise and didn't work the way I wanted it but maybe I'll use the jump in for Fuchikoma vs. Tachikoma level. My new version just slides but now I gave it a cockpit which gives you the possibility to use the machinegun and the rockets at the same time. I think that's better then the jump or the moving legs.

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